About Us

Aqueduct is a technology company that powers a digital marketplace, provides a range of SaaS ( Software as a Service ) products for plumbers, property owners and insurance companies while collecting and analysing data for businesses and municipalities.


Who Are We

South African Entrepreneurs committed to building a business that solves  everyday household  problems through technology 

Our Mission

Using technology to help make homes in South Africa more  sustainable and motivating the home owners to make more data driven decisions

What We Do

We manage short term insurance claims by putting the customer first by placing them in control through a thier smart phones

Data Rich

Our history

Our story begins in 2009. We started as a small family owned plumbing company based in the Western Cape focused on servicing residential insurance claims. Around the time of the water crisis the team began thinking critically about the future roles of the various participants in the evolving water shared economy. It became evident that South Africa’s water infrastructure was fast becoming dilapidated and was held together by multiple fragmented systems. The team believed that it was possible to create a single system capable of uniting the various stakeholders.

Stemming from this belief the Aqueduct Platform was born. Named after the famous Roman aqueducts which carried water throughout the Empire, the team believed that the Platform could act as a central nervous system uniting stakeholder behind the challenge to find a sustainable water solution.

In the humble plumber the team saw a mobile data collector, who was able to gather information and repair inflictions as and when they occurred. Today the Aqueduct platform collects data from various technology initiative connected to the platform and transmits vital information to plumbers in real time. 

We attempt to build according to agile methodology in that Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software. We collaborate with customers to harness change to be competitive. 

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Meet pur plumbers ?

Workmanship quality, availability & market Transformation are among our main goals in building a reliable supplier base.

Why choose us?

We understand that when you have a leaking pipe or burst geyser, we know that time is everything. Reducing turnaround times while still keeping the quality of installation very high is challenge we are happy to faced every day. Accountability  & reliability are not just words  , thats why we use mobile technology to track & analyse all aspects of the interactions our service providers have with your customers.

Contract with us to have peace of mind that your customers always have someone help in the case of an emergency or customer support. The hotline is maned by experienced, proactive individuals who are trained to to solving the problem.

Service providers are required to give same day service , were our average turnaround time from claim creation to finalisation is in 5 days. We try to keep geyser replacement ratios below 51% and we commit to finding 100% of leaks reported. We currently have a BEE spend ratio of 74%  ( Levels 1 & 2 ) and aim to maintain these  levels while improving training and education through video. Drivinig and traffic  time wasting accounts from  9% to 15% of service providers billable time. We aim to reduce this by improving alloaction processes to the nearest plumber avaliable. 

Pricing is set annualy, and all products used are SABS approved. 

The Home Assist Tech management team has more than 20 years combined experience in the plumbing and insurance industry. Putting together more than 35 nationally based plumbing & electrical service providers . We worked hard to  find partners vertically  and horizontally in the industry. We have an holistic  view to claims management &  we understand that this a volume based business that needs a tailor made solution to give a  premium paying customer the value they are looking for .