What you need to know

Focus on your craft and we'll do the rest


Who we service

We service large scale insurance clients by providing a digital platform that enables them to log their claim directly with service providers. Thus service providers will be benefit directly from the rates prescribed by the client.

How we do it

Our sophisticated claim allocation system ensures that the nearest available service provider will be assigned the claim. This means that travel cost is reduced and daily working hours are maximised.

The admin advantages

The HomeAssist app will manage the entire claim process for you. All inspection reports and closure reports are completed via the application. In other words there is no longer a need to use any paper documents to keep track of jobs. The HomeAssist app provides an effective means of recording claim details and keeping track of jobs in progress.

Keeping track of your books

All jobs are recorded and payments details recorded simultaneously. Thus you will have a record of your jobs along with your billing for the week which automatically invoices for you. Thus payments are transparent and up to date with no effort.


At HomeAssist we value our service provider partners, which is why training forms a crucial part our programme. Not only will you be trained in how best to use the App, but business training will be provided in customer care and business management.