Social Impact

It's about taking everyone into account


The inspiration behind the development of the HomeAssist App was the desire to simplify the supply chain in order to create a harmonious working environment. When supply chains are inefficient and costly the service providers at the end are usually short changed. We have learnt this first hand as a former service provider. However when supply chain reform takes place the efficiency gains creates the possibility for opporuntiy.

By utilising mobile technology we seek to provide the necessary tools to eliminate costly overheads for service providers and in turn correct market improprieties. Our mission is to create efficiency and transparency in the supply chain in order to ensure the people performing the service are compensated in accordance with the clients prescribed rates.

The Homeassist model innately promotes corporate citizenship through proportional claim distribution. Ultimately we view our service as a holistic solution premised on incentive based output and customer centric performance. We are also 100 percent black owned.