Mimosa Seapoint
  • Type of block: Mixed sectional title block with commercial units.
  • Number of Units: 89 
  • Previous water management system: None

Problem One

Before we installed the Aqueduct system residents were paying an aggregated amount for water, instead of paying for the amount of water they actually consumed. This meant residents often paid for callus use of water by their fellow neighbours.

Solution One

Now residents only pay for the water they use. This means residents are incentivised to use water responsibly.

Problem Two

The body corporate was concerned that the amount being charged by the municipality was not correct.  

Solution two 

After installing the Aqueduct system we identified that the ground staff and communal areas in building consumed immense amounts of water. Furthermore we were able to identify that there were enormous leaks on the main supply line which if left untreated could have resulted in tens of thousands of liters of water being lost in an hour.