When you choose to join the Aqueduct platform you have chosen to make more conscious data driven decisions about your water consumption. 

Our Installers

We do not install meters ourselves. We have contracted with the best PIRB qualified plumbers trained to ensure your installation is done in compliance with industry standards and best practices. All questions and queries relating to the installation before and after must be directed to the plumber assigned to the installation.

Register online

Once your installation is complete you will be issued with a unique customer reference which you can use to sign up on the online customer portal at homeassist.co.za.

Stay in control

Set red flags or targets on the daily consumption of your home, sectional title units or business.

Data Driven

Reduce your water consumption, improve efficiency of your property, and save money by using data to establish better habits.

We make managing your water easy

We know being on top of your water consumption can be a challenge.We also know that there is a lot of contradictory information out there and very few tools out there which actually assist you in making conscious decisions.  Allow us to assist you by providing you with better data to inform your decisions.