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Burst geyser?

Qualified technicians available at the click of a button, 365 days a year

Home Assist Technologies

Qualified Specialists On-Demand


Your geyser burst? We send a qualified plumber to your home as soon as possible to install a new geyser, and take the old geyser away.


We install Smart Electricity and Smart Water Meters in your home to avoid you wasting money by having an undetected water leak or when you want to know what appliances to use to save money.

Smart Meter

Smart Water Meters

Water bill getting higher and higher? You might have a leak somewhere, and you don't even realise it. With our Smart Water Meter you will know exactly how much water you are using - or when someone is running a bath

Smart Electricity Meters

Municipality's electricity rates change throughout the day. Want to know the best time to do your laundry or turn on the dishwasher? With our Smart Electricity Meter you save on electricity usage, and therefor you save money.

Phone: +27 8709 50 5231

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Get the right products
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Available stock can be your biggest challenge. We have everything you need ready, so log your call on the app -or phone us- and we will help you quickly and efficiently.

Home Assist Vetting

We ensure that all technicians and products are qualified and approved by SABS. Have your problems solved once, properly.

Help Center
Available 7 days a week

Our Home Assist Contact Center Hosts are happy to assist you whenever you have a query about your newly installed products.