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What Does HomeAssist Do? Revolutionizing Sustainability in South African Homes.

In a world where people are increasingly concerned about our planet, it’s exciting for Home Assist  to be making life better, especially in South Africa. Home Assist is all about helping people save money, water, and electricity while also giving them more control over their lives. Let’s dive into what we do and how we’re making South African homes greener and happier.

Home Assist’s Awesome Vision: A Greener Home for All

HomeAssist has a big dream – we want every home in South Africa to be green and sustainable. This means we’re on a mission to help people live comfortably while also taking care of our beautiful planet. And we’re doing it in a way that puts smiles on people’s faces!

Saving Money, Water, and Electricity

HomeAssist is like a superhero that helps you save money, water, and electricity. Here’s how we do it:

1. Smart Electrical Meter Subscription Plans:

HomeAssist offers subscription plans that give you the power to understand and control your electricity use. We put a special smart meter in your home that tells you how much electricity you’re using right now. This helps you make smart choices and save money. Plus, if you’re using too much power, we’ll send you a friendly message to remind you to be more energy-efficient.

2. Smart Water Meter Subscription Plans:

Water is super precious, especially in South Africa. HomeAssist’s smart water meters keep an eye on your water use in real-time. If there’s a leak, we’ll tell you so you can fix it before wasting more water. Plus, we’ll send you monthly reports to show how you can save water and money.

Feeling Independent with Solar Panels

HomeAssist knows that not everyone is happy with our current electricity provider, Eskom. So, we’ve got an amazing solution: solar panels! These are like magic sheets that soak up the sun’s energy and turn it into electricity for your home.

Here’s why it’s awesome:

  • – Bye-bye High Bills:
    With solar panels, you can say goodbye to those big electricity bills. 
  • – Always Powered:
    Even when Eskom has lots of loadshedding and the power goes out, your lights and devices can keep running thanks to solar power.
  • – Happy Earth:
    Solar energy is super clean and doesn’t harm our planet. So, you’re helping to make the Earth a happier place.

So, with HomeAssist’s solar panels, you can be the boss of your own electricity and enjoy life without worrying about loadshedding or high bills. How cool is that?

Creating Tomorrow’s Heroes

HomeAssist doesn’t stop at making homes better; we also want to make people’s lives better. we’re like teachers for the superheroes of tomorrow. Here’s how:

  • Teaching Skills:
    HomeAssist teaches professional people the skills they need for awesome jobs in the green energy world. They learn how to install and take care of smart meters, solar panels, and more.

    Helping Find Jobs:
  • When these new technicians finish their training, they often find great jobs with Home Assist or other amazing companies.

    Building a Bright Future:
  • Home Assist is building a strong team of skilled people who can make our world greener and better. We’re like Earth’s protectors!


HomeAssist is a beacon of sustainability in South Africa. We’re helping people save money and resources while also giving them the power to control their lives. With solar panels, we’re freeing folks from Eskom’s grip, and we’re even creating a team of green energy heroes for the future.

In a country where water and electricity can sometimes be tricky, HomeAssist is making sure that every home can be cozy, eco-friendly, and full of smiles. So, join Home Assist on our mission to make South African homes greener and more economic!

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